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Money Belts & Bum Bags

...In todays climate where theft and pick-pockets can strike at any moment it has never been more essential to carry your valuables securely when travelling. Buying a Money Belt or chain travel wallets are a great way to carry your important items when on holidays, especially so when travelling abroad. We stock a great range of money holders and belts to increase the likelihood that the friendly pick-pocket won't take your cash.

We sell all sorts of money belt for women and men which come in a variety of specifications and prices. Women or Men can enjoy the comfort of our Ultra Slim range of money belts which are almost undetectable and comfortable to wear or our 4 zip leather range of belt with different storage compartments.

Our wallets, money Belts, money holders and security belts. A collection of travel accessories to carry your secure items. Looking for a travel wallet or secure means of carrying valuables then we have something for you.

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