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Aquapure Traveller - Water Purification System


The perfect travel accessory for the student 'gap year', or holidaying abroad where the water is not so nice as the stuff back home! Now you can do your teeth using hotel tap water anywhere in the world. This amazing water bottle is the answer to every travellers problems of not being able to trust the water!

You can fill it up from tap water, bottled water, even streams and rivers.

The replacable purification 'cap' can purify up to 350 litres depending on the amount of contamination.

Removes waterborne pathogens such as E.coli, Giardi, Cryptosporidium. Safeguards against toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Feel confident when you are drinking the water away from home. This device has been developed through the research of aerospace scientists, medical researchers and water purification specialists.

Safe drinking water everywhere!

Perfect for: business travel, camping, cycling, day trips, expeditions, fishing, hiking, holidays, sports.

Approved by the International Survival Instructors Association and endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases London.

Buy one today and keep the tummy bugs away!

  • Used worldwide by both civilians and military
  • A must for first aid and survival kits
  • Ideal for emergency use at home and abroad
  • Perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast
  • Ideal for walking, trekking, cycling, camping, fishing
  • Easy to use - no tablets required
  • Convenient and compact
  • Produces up to 350 litres of safe drinking water

    Independently Tested:
    - Fully tested and approved by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    - Endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases
    - Partner of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, "Know before you Go" campaign
    - Fully tested and approved for use by the MOD
    - Approved and in use by many Armed Forces around the world
    - In use with many journalists and news crews worldwide

    Use water from any fresh water supply:
  • Hotel and restaurant taps
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  • Streams and Rivers

    The aquapure traveller is a unique water purification system in a convenient, hand-held water bottle. This easy to use system combines Iodine with filtration in a unique bottle design. Together, these elements remove bacteria, cysts and sediment and provide palatable, clear, odourless and bacteriologically safe drinking water from any fresh water source.

    "We found our aquapure traveller so useful in Eastern Europe" - Mrs Bradbury

    "Used it in India non stop, I cannot praise it highly enough" - Mr Fuller

    "Delighted to have my own purified water supply in Patagonia" - Mr Robinson

    "On a recent trip to Himalayas I found that a number of people had brought aquapure travellers" - Miss Ellarby

    "Used it in the Kashmir Himalayas, I have absolute confidence in it" - Mr McKeown

    "I used my aquapure traveller for 6 months travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia filling it from taps along
    the way" - Miss Hutchins

    Is ?38.99 expensive?

  • What is ?39 where your health is concerned?
  • What is ?39 for the peace of mind of being able to drink water safely?
  • What is ?39 compared with ?100s in medical bills if illness occurs on holidays?
  • What is ?39 for being able to enjoy your holiday?

    Is ?39 more expensive than your health?

    Get the security of one of these amazing water bottle purification systems today and you'll be glad you did!


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