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Back Seat Car Organiser

This spacious Travel Back Seat Car Organiser is the perfect travel gadget to help keep the car neat and tidy when the kids are running riot in the back of the vehicle. Whether you're going on holiday or travelling to and fro on your normal daily kids taxi run, this might be the perfect accessory to keep your vehicle in some sort of reasonably tidy state.

Even if you don't have kids this travel gadget is perfect for the back seat passenger on a long journey as they can have everything to hand without asking you to pull over on the hard shoulder while they get their 'find the word' puzzle book out of the boot.

Multi pocket organiser. Contains large storage compartments. Holds everything you need during travel such as: drinks, MP3, Maps, books, food products, etc. Comes with adjustable buckled and elastic attachments. Suitable for most car seats.

  • Multi pocket organiser
  • Various storage compartments
  • Keeps your essential travel items to hand
  • Suitable for most cars
  • Drinks holder
  • Plenty of room for valuables
  • Dimensions:


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