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Compact Travel Baby Steam Steriliser

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Compact Baby Travel Steam Steriliser

Given 9/10 in a Practical Parenting Review
The has to be the most versatile and compact steam steriliser on the market. Let's be honest, sometimes when we are on holidays with a new born baby it can be a nightmare trying to get things clean and sterile. If we do take our own steriliser then it means we can't pack the fold-away bicycle into the car as well because it takes too much space and is an awkward shape.

The reviews have been great for this product and it will make your life much simpler by packing this tiny 2 bottle sterilser into the car instead of that huge steriliser than can cope with a hospital ward full of items.

When storing or travelling, the steriliser is very compact but simply invert the main body and it instantly converts to a size big enough to take two bottles of any type plus those little baby accessories.

Just add water press the button and the steriliser automatically does the rest.

Steam sterilises in just 10 minutes.

  • Highly compact for storage
  • Perfect for travelling with a baby or small child
  • Holds 2 bottles plus accessories
  • Sterilises in just 10 minutes
  • Easily slips into a small bag


    Packed: H: x 16cm W: x 15cm D: x 9cm

    Open:   H: x 29cm W: x 15cm D: x 9cm

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