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Double Bed Mosinet Mosquito Net

This is one of the best Mosquito Nets for Beds available today

See why 'those in the know' are raving about this fantastic product.

As featured in the Sunday Express, Saturday Telegraph, Sunday Times and British Airways in-flight magazine as well as Wanderlust and other travel magazines.

These nets are quality made items that will last as opposed to flimsy nets that will tear easily and need replacing each year. Also with our nets you do not need the added expense of buying a separate hanging kit!

Each year, more than 400 million people in the world become infected with malaria transmitted from Anopheles mosquitoes. Over two million people, mostly in Africa, die.

Mosquitoes are nothing more than flying, dirty hypodermic needles injecting traces of blood from their last victim (rats, dogs, birds, humans, etc.) into you and your family.

The female Anopheles mosquito transmits the parasites that cause malaria into the bloodstream. The parasite infects and destroys red blood cells

After making sure you have holiday insurance - don't then cut corners on mosquito control. Protect yourself and family from these pests and come back from holidays with happy memories.

These unique Mosquito Net designs use the bed or cot to provide the main support which means no more struggling with hanging kits, searching for hanging points or fumbling with lots of unwieldy support poles.


  • The nets fold down almost flat making them ideal for packing for travel and easy to store.
  • They are light weight, compact and easy to use.
  • They can be set up in just a few minutes and are easy to pack away.
  • Zip on both sides allows easy access to and from the sleeping area.
  • Struts: Galvanised steel

    The Double Bed Mosinet is extremely versatile and will fit around large single twin beds as well as standard double beds. It will fit mattresses up to a maximum width of 160cms (63") and maximum length 200cms (79").

    It is obviously slightly heavier than the single bed version. The packed weight is 1050g (2.3lb). It packs down into the smart blue stuff bag to a disk of about 47cms (18.5") diameter, and will squash down to a thickness of about 3cms (1.2").

    The net is made from 100% quality polyester and our nets are normally supplied pre-treated with insecticide (Permethrin)


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