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Emergency Toothbrush & Toothpaste


We've all been there: 5 minutes from that job interview or date with our new girlfriend or that business meeting and we haven't got any strong mints or chewing gum to hide that bad breath.

Well don't despair - the Emergency Travel Toothbrush is right here for you to tuck away in your car glove compartment or slip into a pocket and to be ready to freshen your breath at anytime night or day.

Travelling on a journey without your toiletry bag with those little luxuries? Don't fret, the Emergency Travel Toothbrush is here to save your bad breath and clean those precious teeth of yours.

This is a very compact designed toothrbrush with built in toothpaste that can be quickly dispensed at the push of a button to ensure that you are never caught without fresh gnashers wherever you are.  Small enough to slip in a jacket pocket or to just keep in a purse - this toothbrush can help you out of a bad breath crisis.

The perfect toothbrush for the traveller. This unique toothbrush design is integrated with the toothpaste residing behind the bristles. This travel toothbrush n' paste is ideal for packing when you don't need to take a whole tube of toothpaste with you on your holiday or journey.

  • Use it once then it can be disposed of
  • For use in bad breath emergencies
  • Keep it in the car or a coat pocket
  • Take it travelling - just in case

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