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Eurohike Flash Pop Up Tent (2 Man)


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Please Note - These Tents are Double Skinned and not Single like some of the cheaper tents on the Market. Our Tents have an Inner Sheet and Flysheet which some of the cheaper models do not have.

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2 Man Pop up Tent

A revolutionary design this quick pitching tent by Eurohike 'pops up' before you can say, "ok where's the instructions." This great new pop-up design means that you can have instant protection from the elements. Setting up camp has never been so quick and easy with this popup tent. It's as easy as that! We product tested this great pop up tent and it literally opens up and is ready to pitch in less than two seconds. It doesn't give you any chance to look at the instructions because it is ready to use in the blink of an eye.

It took us about 5 minutes of reading the instructions to work out how to pack it away and then it was so easy to use. You could open this tent and pack it away again within 60 seconds. It is that good! If you are a bit of a modern camper who loves gadgets and the latest inventions then you will absolutely love this great tent and look so cool wherever you set it up. Your friends will marvel at your superb tent pitching skills.

Perfect for music festivals or open-air concerts and ideal for travelling because it is quick and easy. It takes up little space as it folds to a disk shape and is almost completely flat and weighs only 3.1 kilos.

This is a great tent for those of us who can't be bothered to fiddle around with telescopic tent poles or who don't want to have to look foolish trying to put a tent up at a camp site or music festival. This tent does all the work for you and is just about pitched in seconds. All you need do is position the pegs in the ground and you're done. HEY PRESTO! This tent will be a great hit for the summer and is recommended for Spring / Summer use.

Don't spend time struggling with your tent! Look cool and impress everyone with your superb tent pitching skills. Whilst other campers will be struggling and unpacking their tents, you'll be ready to start the party.

This middleweight pop up two person tent has a D shaped door to eliminate contact with the ground, and pre-attached guylines which make it easier to pitch. Also packs into a handy carry bag %u2013 so great for spring/summer use.

Packed: 85cm x 85cm
Opened: L: 265cm x W: 165cm x H: 110cm

  • Pops up in seconds - very fast to pitch
  • Ideal for Music Festivals
  • Save time and look cool
  • Be the envy of your camping friends
  • Packs away into a light carrying bag
  • Folds almost completely flat
  • Only 3 kilos in weight
  • Pitch your tent when you feel the first rain drop
  • Tent raised and pitched before you can get wet
  • Ideal for travellers
  • Perfect for camping or festivals
  • Unique pop up design for super fast pitching and packing
  • Why spend 30 minutes settting up camp
  • Setup camp in less than 30 seconds
  • 2 Seconds to open fully 


  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Double Skinned
  • Weight Kilos 3.1
  • Sleeps 2
  • Poles Fibreglass
  • Pack Length 120


Price: £49.98

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