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Ingenious Zippered Safe Belt

Ingenious Zippered Safe Belt

Being secure and feeling secure when travelling is important. It is a sad truth but there are some very nasty people in the world who want to take your cash if they can get their hands on it.

Don't allow a thief the opportunity of taking your money by pick-pocket or bag snatching. Place your money in this money belt and make it impossible for an undesirable to take your money.

This smart trouser belt includes an integral security zip compartment to keep your cash safe whilst travelling. It looks like a normal belt but has an extra long cash storage facility! This money belt will protect your cash from unwanted pick-pockets and thieves. Take your foreign cash with you without worrying about someone helping themselves to your wallet or purse from your pocket.

This is one of the most secure ways to carry your money whilst abroad as it is virtually undetectable!

  • Total belt length - 130cm (adjust to fit)
  • 50cm ZIP
  • Hide your dosh in this money belt
  • This is a must purchase item for travelling abroad
  • Colours: Either Black or Camel



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