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IPOD / MP3 Player USB Car Charger

The problem these days is that we have so many gadgets that need different types of power chargers and batteries that it becomes a nightmare to ensure that we have the right power cables and chargers for our electronic devices.

Well, the cool thing about a lot of devices these days is that they can be charged via a USB cable so if your device has a USB charging cable you can charge it with this great space saving car charger device.

Don't bother taking all of your different car charging devices when you could potentially charge most of your devices in the car via this small USB Car charger.

The USB Car Charger, great for powering multiple devices from a single charger.

Compatible with not only mobile phones but iPods, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets and any device that supports USB charging.

  • Mobile Phones
  • iPods
  • MP3 Players
  • PDSs
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Most devices supporting USB Charging

    The USB Car Charger Adapter is the ideal product when traveling on long journeys in the car.

    Working together with your device's USB charger function, simply connect your device to the USB Car Charger, then plug into your cars cigarette lighter socket to charge.

    Built in status LED shows you when the USB Car Charger is providing power


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