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Philips SBC BA300 - IPOD Speakers for Travel


You've got the best IPOD / MP3 Player now don't just settle for some cheap and cheerful travel speakers! You need to spend a few pennies to get some decent travel speakers and these Philips ones are more than decent. If you are going to WOW your friends with your latest IPOD or MP3 player then don't spoil it all by plugging them into a set of poor travel speakers.

After product testing these 'Philips SBC BA300' travel speakers we were totally blown away. But then again, that's what we should have expected from Philips! Are these the best IPOD speakers for the money? If not then we think that they are close to being the best in their range.

These speakers are ideal for portable audio equipment such as: IPODS, MP3 Players, Mini Disks, CD Players, Walkmans, Laptops, in fact any device with a standard headphone jack. The design is very sleek with its silver chrome effect finish and a brushed metal looking plate on the main control unit. The speaker system oozes quality and that's before you even switch them on.

The system can be powered by batteries (6 x AAA) or a Universal Mains Voltage Adapter (supplied) and was initially tested with Coldplays X&Y album and boy what a superb sound. The speaker system has a maximum power output of 4W (RMS) and is plenty loud enough to have a party.  Sack the DJ and plug your MP3 player in with these speakers with your music - the volume is that good! The univeral voltage adpater means that taking this piece of kit on holidays is a breeze allowing you to use it in most countries with one of our travel adapters. The speakers also have metal grills for excellent protection when handling and travelling.

We can't fail to award the speakers 10 out of 10 for looks and performance and they even come with a great shiny silver travel case to keep them protected when packing in a bag on your travels. Another bonus of these speakers is a unique clamp like design on the left and right speakers so that they can even be neatly attached to a laptop screen.  Take a look at the bigger image of this product to see what we mean.

If you are serious about your music and want a set of one of the best travel speakers available online in the UK then you need to get these speakers.  If you want quality and a portable disco then you won't go far wrong with these speakers.

  • Incredible Surround™ : The Incredible Surround™ widens the sound stage in a most impressive way. It will magnify the virtual distance between the speakers and will give the impression of having extra speakers all around creating a surround sound impact.
  • Multi voltage travelling adaptor : included : This special adaptor can be switched to all different voltage inputs ( 110V – 240V) and is therefore suitable for use all over the world.
  • Ultrabass : Improves tremendously the perceived bass response from small speaker boxes.

    Output Power: 4W (RMS)
    Speakers: 32mm
    Frequency Range: 100-20 000 Hz
    Impedance: 4 Ohm
    Power Supply: 6 x AAA Bateries
    Universal Voltage Adapter: 9V 800mA (100V-240V)

    Top quality travel speakers with a neodymium mini driver for powerful sound.

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