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Seacure Waterproof Safe Case



Has been tested for 4 hours under 12ft of water by Trainers at Underwater World, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The ultimate iphone protection while near, on or under the water. Protect your phone, cash, wallet, car keys, camera or anything else while indulging in water activities.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Testimonies:
Used my waterproof bum bag on Sunday for the first time, doing a 8 mile downwinder at Bournemouth I must admit It performed brilliantly. I put my Iphone and a £10 note and electronic car key in it and all were fine and dry at the end. (more than could be said for one guy who put his key in clingfilm and stuffed it in a wetsuit pocket, he didnt know I had a waterproof Bag... he does now!

Got mine thanks very much, Iv'e showed it to a few mates who seem very impressed...I have tried it once so far and found that it does everything claimed and I think its best asset is its simplicity, easy on & easy off and holds all you really need for most average length outings in a simple to close sealed unit. No leaks when submerged for over a minute and bounced nicely on the water, so jobs a good [one] as far as I`m concerned!

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Made from High Impact Resistant Plastic, the Seacure Bum Bag is suitable for protecting your mobile phone, sunglasses, car keys, money, passport, traveler's cheques and any other valuables



The Seacure Safe Case Bag is easily worn around the waist during most sporting activities. It is suitable for all water sports and beach activities, including: surfing, sailboarding, fishing, jet-skiing, swimming, rafting, kayaking and even snow skiing. Designed in Australia, a must for lovers of the great outdoors - and they float!

Don't leave your valuable digital camera on the beach or in the car for some potential thief to 'snap it up'. Keep your valuables with you even in the water with this 100% waterproof Seacure Bum Bag.

If you indulge in any sort of watersports or like to spend your time near water and you have to take your valuables with you then this product is for you. Ideal for digital camera, but can also be used for keeping keys, cash, car immobilizers and credit cards protected in all weather conditions. Also great for keeping asthma inhalers safe. 

It's buoyant to ensure that your Seacure will not sink in water and will float safely on the surface if dropped into the deep blue sea.

Height (H): 16 cm (6.3")
Width (W): 29 cm (11.4")
Depth: 6 cm (2")
Diameter of opening: 8 cm (3.5")
Weight: 350g (12.4oz)


  • 100% waterproof to at least (12ft) - Tested for 3 hours submerged)
  • Dust and Sandproof
  • Suitable for Digital Cameras but also, keys, cash, passports and credit cards
  • Will float safely if it is dropped in water
  • Can also be used for mobile phones, and MP3 players
  • 12 month warranty

    Suitable for:

    Swimming, Surfing, Canoeing, Sailing, Boating, Skiing, Fishing, Jet Skiing, etc, etc.




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