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Security Travel Door Alarm


Security Travel Door Alarm / Travelers Hotel Alarm

Fact: Some parts of the world are more dangerous for travellers than others. Take some personal travel security when you go away!

Imagine that you are in an hotel room in a strange land and are all alone. Get this great travel alarm and wedge under your hotel door and this will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind so that you can sleep soundly with your wireless travel door alarm providing your personal security.

How to Use:
Simply hang the alarm on the inside door handle with the alarm's cord and slip the activation tips into the gap where the door closes and that's it. When the door is opened slightly the alarm is triggered as the metal tips are activated.

Buy this fantastic personal security device today and sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that should anyone try to open your door - this Security Travel Door Alarm will alert you and scare off any would be thief or nasty person.

The alarm is triggered when the door is opened slightly so there's no chance of anyone creeping into a hotel room without you being made aware of it and scaring off any intruder.

You don't know who has a key or access to your hotel room on holidays and it's a sad fact that thieves can strike at any time!


Don't travel alone! Take your new best buddy (Security Travel Door Alarm) with you!

  • No installation required
  • 5 seconds to setup
  • Secures any Door
  • Light and Compact
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Will slip easily into your pocket
  • Includes two CR2032 button-cell batteries


L: 8cm x W: 3.5cm x D: 1.5cm

Be safe and secure and take one or two of these 'must take' items on your travels. It could be the best few pounds that you have ever spent.

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Affordable way of protecting ourselves
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Christine Robinson () - March 21st 2009
I ordered this for our Motorhome as we constantly hear about motorhomes and caravans being broken into while occupants are asleep, we do have a narcotic gas alarm fitted but have heard of burgularies without gas being used. We have tried this in the entry door of the motorhome and found it was easier to use in the hinge side of the door, we feel that this is a very affordable way of protecting ourselves while asleep.