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Suitcase Luggage Security Strap

Suitcase Luggage Security Strap

You know the problem! You want to get through your destination airport as quickly as possible and are waiting for your luggage but then there's a problem: "oh no - is that my suitcase? well it looks like mine but hang on - wait a minute there's another that looks exactly the same." Then before you have had a chance to guess correctly by waiting until the suitcase is level with you on the revolving baggage machine - you attempt to look for the luggage labels and whoosh! It's gone passed and you have to wait until it comes back around again.

Well, with this highly visible and secure luggage strap you won't need to keep guessing and can be assured that you can spot your luggage a mile off and double check by the integrated address label.

Choose your own secret number. Complete with integral address label. Fits all luggage sizes, approx. length 2.00 Meters (80"). Bright colour strap for easy identification.

Elegant, modern combination padlocks. Comes in contemporary matt colours. Easy to operate. Simply push in the button in the base and hold while choosing own secret number.

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There are no keys to lose!
Highly visible

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