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The Deeper Sleeper Pillow Headrest


 This has to be the BEST and most comfortable solution to aid sleeping when traveling!

"Forget every other travel pillow available today - This is the BEST and most comfortable SLEEP you'll get when travelling"

I just came back from a trip to Tenerife, we took our flight at 11pm. I bought a new headrest called [Deeper Sleeper]. It has been the best flight I ever made.

J. Sools


I took a flight Brussels / Cancun, thank's to [the Deeper Sleeper] headrest, I was able to sleep, very comfortably . A very good purchase.
C. Billaudel


We used the [Deeper Sleeper] headrest it is amazing, my husband and I slept for at least 6 hours non stop. When arriving at the hotel we could go directly to the City, no problem with the jet lag. A dream !!!!!


This travel pillow / headrest is the most comfortable solution we have ever tested as it aids the relaxation of the head as well as the neck.

"This is the most natural position for your head that really is more comfortable than a traditional travel pillow."

Most travel pillow solutions tend to only offer support for the neck and so still rely upon its user having to support the weight of their head which can be uncomfortable. The natural tendency is to allow the head to fall to the left or right as we nod off in an aircraft, coach, bus, car or train but with 'The Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow Headrest' it encourages the user to do just this which lends itself to the most comfortable sleeping position you can get whilst traveling.

Using 'The Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow' means you no longer have to sit upright like an owl on a tree branch whilst trying to fall asleep, you simply find the most comfortable position and rest your weary head and fall asleep as quick as a tired little child. Your head rests to the side with 'The Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow' just like it would normally do when resting your head on your bed.

The pillow is ergonomically designed and built to fit everything from a car seat to an aircraft seat with two included brackets that quickly accommodate small and thick padded seats. It can quickly be adjusted and placed on the left or right side of the seat in just about 10 seconds flat and is so simple we are surprised that no one has ever thought of this solution before.

No need to blow up an inflatable cushion and look like you have had whiplash in a car accident, simply attach to your chosen seat and within seconds your sleeping solution is installed. No need to take it off and on during your flight or journey as you walk about as you can simply get out of your seat and leave the headrest fixed to the seat and not around your neck.

"Don't waste your money on any other travel pillow / headrest solution as 'The Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow' will have you sound asleep faster and more comfortably than any other sleeping solution apart from your bed at home."

The kit comprises
1. Cushion
2. The ABS support mechanism 
3. A small clamp for seats with thickness between 7cm to 14 cm
4. A larger clamp for seats over 14cm.
5. A neat carry bag 

The deeper sleeper comes in its own case which measures 23cm x 21cm and is 6cm deep.

The package comprises a pad which measures 13cm x 17cm x 7cm plus two brackets which are used according to the width of the seat you are attaching to.
The package weighs approx 310g.

If you travel occasionally then this will be the best £20.99 you have ever spent!


I want to thank you, for the  judicious advice which made my flight  really nice, with [the Deeper Sleeper].

M. Detinne 


[The Deeper Sleeper] the best travel accessory I have purchased. I never could sleep in a plane, I used the headrest during my trip to New York, I slept 5 hours continuously. A fantastic product.  

F. Didier


I would like to announce my experience during my flight to LA. On the advice of a friend, I bought a [Deeper Sleeper]. It%u2019s fabulous. I have never traveled as well and I was able to sleep without any problem, I was not even affected by the jet lag.

M. Leonard


I travel regularly, and I have never had such comfort.  After 6 hours of flight, I arrived well rested. I was able to begin working on my arrival. [The Deeper Sleeper] is a remarkable travel accessory.
R. Stiers

"Send us your testimonials by email for this amazingly comfortable pillow / headrest!"



The Deeper Sleeper can be used on Aircraft, Cars, Coaches, Trains, etc but these following points must be noted.

1) TV Headrest - Aircraft Seats

If the airline seats have TV screens on the back of each seat then this will not hamper the 'Deeper Sleeper' as the bracket shoudn't reach the screen at all and it can also be moved to the side to avoid any chance of this happening. But you must understand that we cannot determine if a mode of transportation has changed their seating and affected the usefulness of the Deeper Sleeper.

1) Children or Smaller People - Aircraft Seats and others
The Deeper Sleeper can be adjusted by a few inches (up or down) but the effectiveness of the product will depend on the height of the seat used.  Most seats are either level with the top of a persons head when seated or are a few inches lower than the top of an 'average sized' persons head. See image below.
The Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow Headrest

However, if when sitting down in the seat your head is about 4 or 5 inches below the top of the seat then you might not benefit greatly from the headrest unless you were to recline the seat or use the bracket at the side of the seat where you can lower it.

Please note: The Deeper Sleeper is also suitable for other forms of transport but please understand that we cannot possibly know the suitability across all airlines and transportation so it is important to understand this before purchasing. If you have any doubts then please check suitability with your transportation first.

Deeper Sleeper can also be used in Cars, Coaches and Trains. 


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