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Antiseptic Biodegradable Wipes

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Travel Antiseptic Biodegradable Wipes

Maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene when on the move with our antispetic sanitising wipes. Proven in the most demanding conditions the products are a front line defence against E. coli and other common travel illnesses.

Absolutely essential for travelling and can be used for hygenie or first aid to clean cuts and grazes.  These multi-purpose wipes are safe, inexpensive and biodegradeable and are an excellent travel essential.

Don't fret when you can find clean water and soap on your travels. Just whip out one of these great antiseptic wipes and your little mits will be clean and bug free in seconds. Invaluable, safe and very compact and lightweight to carry, these wipes could just save your from a dodgy or upset stomach. 

These wipes have been carefully formulated to hygienically clean the skin and help protect against infection. Many bugs are ingested via the hands - especially when preparing or eating food. These wipes are especially useful after hand washing or if you are unsure about how pure the water supply is. They are also ideal when no running water is available, or to clean small cuts and wounds before applying plasters or bandages.

For first aid and personal use
10 individually sealed wipes

Ingredients: Aqua, Cetrimonium Bromide, Chlorhexadine Diacetate


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