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Travel Flight Socks (Large Size 9-12)

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As the media has highlighted in recent times, there is a risk of getting blood clots when travelling as a passenger on an aircraft on a long flight. As a means of reducing this risk travel flight socks or inflight socks use a clinically proven graduated compression system to improve blood flow and help relieve leg discomfort. Can help prevent the risk of circulatory problems such as deep vein thrombosis - DVT (blood clots); swollen ankles and tired aching legs.

BUPA say:
"DVT occurs when the flow of blood is restricted in a vein, and a clot forms. It can be caused by poor circulation because of problems such as heart disease, a recent heart attack or stroke, varicose veins, or from inactivity or prolonged bed rest. DVT may develop during a long flight and has been dubbed 'economy class syndrome' because the cheaper seats in a plane have less leg room, encouraging minimal movement. However, it is not confined to economy class or to long haul flights."

Maintain healthy bloodflow on long journeys and reduce your risk of D.V.T with graduated compression hosiery. Ensure healthy bloodflow - take steps to avoid D.V.T

Get your Medically approved Travel Flight Socks!

These travel flight socks will fit shoes sizes 9 - 12

The compression ratio for our Inflight socks are between 14 - 18mmHg.


When purchasing this product we will throw in a FREE travel emergency kit bag containing:

  • Travel Eye Mask
  • Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • One Set of Ear Plugs
  • Packet of Tissues
  • Zipped Splashproof Kit Bag

    This is a great product for leaving in your hand luggage and has some of the most useful and frequently used products that can be quickly accessed. Never leave home without this useful travel kit bag or leave in your cars glove compartment to ensure that you will always have the travel essentials when required.

    This nice product comes absolutely FREE when purchasing a pair of our advertised Inflight Travel Socks. Buy yours now while stock lasts!


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