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Luggage Scales & 1m Measure


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Maximise your Luggage Allowance!

Don't be charged for overweight or oversized luggage!

For the cost of this item it could save you a lot more in charges for overweight luggage!

Similar to our other travel luggage scales but this model has a handy weight indicator that states the weight after the luggage has been removed from the scales! Also these scales can accommodate up to 34kg or 75lbs instead of the maximum 22kgs of the cheaper model.

This handy travel luggage scales gadget is small, compact and light and will help you to pack your suitcase to the limit when on holidays. Have you often wondered whether you can pack that extra gift or not when abroad? Well stop guessing and get this little gadget and ensure that you can fill your suitcase to the legal limit with paying any excess.

If that wasn't handy enough this compact luggage scales includes a small retractable tape measure as well! Cool or what? This little travel accessory will pay for itself in no time!



  • Enables you to maximise your luggage allowance.
  • Weighs luggage up to 34Kgs/75lbs. per item.
  • Hang luggage handle on the hook, lift and read weight on display.
  • Includes handy tape measure.

    One of our customer's comments regarding this product!

    "With the stringent regime of the airlines check-in (not even permitting two people to aggregate their allowances) , I don't know how we would have managed without a means of weighing both our suitcases and our hand luggage before the return flight home - Best Wishes Diane".

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