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Travel Soap

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Travelling in strange lands without access to clean soap or hand wash can be a little worrying where hygiene is concerned. Fear not when you have this compact Travel Soap with you as you can quickly whip out your soap and clean your hands of any dangerous germs. Useful when on your travels after using toilets, computers, public telephones, etc,  in fact anything that you are a little worried about.

Great for travelling, just pop in a travel bag, or for picnics, camping or festivals as you'll never know where you'll need them.

A multi purpose soap ideal for outdoor activities and travellers

Travel Soap is completely biodegradable and works in both fresh and saltwater.

- soap or shampoo for personal hygiene
- dish washing detergent
- clothes washing.

Travel Soap is perfect for camping, boating, backpacking and other outdoor activities. Use a small amount of soap with water to clean hands, body, hair, clothing, dishes or any washable items.

There's no excuse to wash your hands now - wherever you are!



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