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Travelling Girl Pink Luggage Scales


The Travelling Girl Pink Digital Luggage Scales - RRP £16.99 - NOW £4.99

Luggage and baggage scales seem to be in very popular demand for holiday makers setting off abroad. With the luggage restrictions on airlines these days it has become essential not to exceed suitcase weight allowances which seem to be getting less and less. It is not uncommon to have just 20kg allowance for your suitcase when getting onboard an aircraft.

While most luggage scales at present are mostly black or silver, at 'Go Planet Go' we offer a slightly more colourful range with light blue and now our 'Travelling Girl' range with an eye-catching pink colour that will suit the girls.

This new digital luggage scale is compact and light and comes complete with a neat pink pouch to go with any girl's luggage.

No more guessing whether you can pack that extra pair of shoes or that gift when on holiday. The travelling girl can stop guessing and worrying about luggage allowances, by taking this neat little gadget you can always be sure that you keep within your limits. Pack your case to the limit and play safe rather than go over and pay excess charges that leave a sting.

Travel smart with the travelling girl luggage scales and be the envy of other girls as they use their naff black coloured scales and you use your trendy pink ones.

Simply choose your unit of measurement: kgs, lbs, or even oz and hook your luggage onto the scales. Wait until you hear a small beep to signal that a steady weight has been recorded and simply look at the recorded weight displayed in the digital display on screen. It's as simple as that!

The Travelling Girl baggage scale will pay for itself in no time!

  • Comes with a nice pink drawstring pouch
  • Enables you to maximise your luggage allowance.
  • Weighs luggage up to 40Kgs over 100lbs. per item.
  • Hang baggage handle on the hook, lift and read on display.
  • Weighs in: kgs, lbs, oz
  • L: 11cm x W: 7cm D: 2cm

    The scales themselves only weigh 145g or 5.01 oz, so are very lightweight!

    - Not likely to fall apart like some cheaper models

    - More accurate than the cheaper non digital scales

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