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Luggage Scale Suitcase Scales
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Product Description:
This ultra handy electronic digital travel luggage scales is small, compact and light and will help you pack your suitcase to the limit when on holiday.

Have you ever wondered whether you can pack that extra gift when on holiday? Well stop guessing and get this little gadget and ensure that you can fill your suitcase to the legal limit without paying any excess.

Don't go through the embarrassment of having to remove contents from your suitcase to leave with customs at the airport. Know your luggage weight at all times with this highly practical travel luggage scales.

There are horror stories of people paying £60 in excess charges because their luggage is overweight. Don't get stung by the airline and if they try to charge you for being 15kg over your allowance just whip out your luggage scales and dispute it immediately.

Simply choose your unit of measurement: kgs, lbs, or even oz and hook your luggage onto the scales. Wait until you hear a small beep to signal that a steady weight has been recorded and simply look at the recorded weight displayed in the digital display on screen. It's as simple as that!

This little travel accessory will pay for itself in no time!


  • Enables you to maximise your luggage allowance.
  • Weighs luggage up to 40Kgs over 100lbs. per item.
  • Hang baggage handle on the hook, lift and read on display.
  • Weighs in: kgs, lbs, oz
  • L: 11cm x W: 7cm D: 2cm

    The scales themselves only weigh 145g or 5.01 oz, so are very lightweight!

    - Not likely to fall apart like some cheaper models

    - More accurate than the cheaper non digital scales

    Customer's comments received regarding our luggage scales!

    "With the stringent regime of the airlines check-in (not even permitting 2 people to aggregate their allowances) , I don't know how we would have managed without a means of weighing both our suitcases and our hand luggage before the return flight home - Best Wishes Diane".
Nifty! To say the Least!
  • Rating 5/5 Stars.
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Ben Jones (HA) - September 14th 2008
As an Outdoor Adventurer and Traveller something like this is pretty handy, however as a backpacker and climber it's options and uses become far more versitile.

Recently a customer brought one in and we used it to weigh in various stoves and pots for a camping trip getting it down to the least amount of weight for the most pleasing cost. Needless to say it was anal, but it was fun all the same and very successful.

Imagine the uses for those of you out there who are reguarly climbing or back packing concearned with how much your taking this very simply little device allows for simply weight in metric or imperial and allows enough accuracy to pinpoint what areas might be to heavy.

Many of those out there might say well what is 30grams difference between a quick draw or nut? Or a 100grams betwen a stove and a pot? well when you have about 100ft of the ground with 10 x quickdraws or climbing ben nevis all day i'd be honest in saying quite a bloody lot actually anything to help ease the burden and improve our lives has got to be a bonus and this wonderful poket scale does the trick!

I've just ordered mine and i can't wait to give its a good testing in the store. If your counting the grams and trying to justify getting the best equipment look at the numbers. Numbers speak only truth and thats why i love them. No Bullshit just straight forward honesty - then it's up to you to decide the outcome.

So a £15 scale device to weigh almost anything - Bargin!